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In my continuing to read, wrote summaries for chapters 5, 6, and 7… - Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. --Anne Frank [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 30th, 2005|11:15 am]


In my continuing to read, wrote summaries for chapters 5, 6, and 7 and continued to write out quotes until chapter 10

Hopefully that will be useful on some capacity!

BOOK CLUB TONIGHT!! come come one and all!! :)

Chapter 5

In this chapter we meet Jeannie, a quiet student in Stanley’s class. When afforded the opportunity to see Trudy’s video footage, she is able to make breakthroughs as to her own background. She can see those attributes Trudy is exhibiting objectively and is amazed that someone else has gone through something so rare. We get another snipped of Trudy’s manuscript that she sent Stanley. At the end of the chapter, the reader goes home with Trudy and gets to experience a bit of her thought process: see her debate about calling a friend, her confusion with whether or not she’s completed tasks, her fear of doing things wrong, her lax in memory, her difficulty sleeping with all the rumblings in her mind. We are also introduced to “Nails” in this chapter. Nails is the personality that deals with rejection.

It had been one thing to have been trapped in her own mind with similar memories but to see and hear the woman displaying her own anger and fear was another. Jeannie pulled the navy coat tighter around herself” (39).

“A voice expressing in simple sentences a knowledge far beyond a child’s third grade years, had struck Jeannie as odd” (40).

“Jeannie ticked off the changes that anyone else might regard as simply part of an animated manner: hands that gestured broadly, that lay calm in the lap and then moved almost sensually through the tumbled blonde hair; the voice that was never one but many; expressions that ranged from businesslike to street smart and childlike and all the graduations in between. The eyes. No one person had that many pairs of eyes”(41).

Chapter 6
“’I’ve hidden my whole life, mostly because I was frightened of what other people thought. What is it that you’re afraid people will find out from those tapes? That I’m crazy? My best friends tell me that. I don’t care about my enemies” (49).

“Norman’s marriage to me was like a single piece of music that flits from a waltz to a disco beat, from that to a square dance, then roars into Ringo Starr on the drums and lo and behold, a Concerto in E-flat Major; a constant shock to all concerned”(51).

Again, we read of a different perspective of the woman. She now recalls things of her marriage and her child, her feelings that such things made her feel bad and dirty. How she couldn’t handle the sexual encounters when earlier she had said that she was unaware of sexual encounters beyond what went on with her step-father. Stanley consults Jeannie about some of the “multiple” questions he has. “Miss wonderful” and “Mean Joe” envelop the woman near the end of the chapter so she becomes completely aware of their presence, but is unable to do anything to stop them.

Chapter 7
The chapter starts out with a conversation between some of the personalities fighting for power. It continues to where the woman is describing to a precinct how she had been assaulted at the age of two. Then, the end of this chapter is the woman with “Morgan” on a date and finally in his apartment. We get to hear how all the different folk deal with thinking about him and how the woman continues to do things that are unexplainable. We even get to see from the man’s perspective how flighty and jumpy she is, not seeming to stay constant in all the time that they spend together.

“Ten-Four found Morgan’s brain fascinating. She wanted to snatch his mind from him and graft it onto her own”(67).

“He might have been if she’d desired marriage, but Catherine believed that marriage was a wasteland where a woman’s mind was put on simmer until she gathered up her brains and finally divorced”(67).

Chapter 8

“For one moment, she compared her vast stretch of relatively empty mind—with what had to be someone else’s very full mind”(69).

“She wrote that sometimes the words hurt as badly as the physical abuse. So had the stepfather’s smile when he’d taken off his belt to beat her. All smiles, she added, had henceforth taken on an air of unreality, of insincerity. She’d thought often about knives and shotguns and killing, and about being a boy. Boys didn’t sit around, she wrote, with their legs crossed, waiting to be killed”(74).

This chapter finds the woman at odds with herself again. She does her job, but somehow senses that she isn’t the one doing it and has no knowledge of it. When she goes to survey a new plot of land, it is again viewed by many of the personalities. She reverts to Catherine for much of this chapter. Catherine enjoys making spaces for people to escape to. In her journal she reveals that those spaces are created out of Catherine’s remembrance of her stepfather watching her while she was using the outhouse.

Chapter 9
“Nails didn’t need to know that she and the woman were separate, or why or how the Troop mechanisms worked. She simply needed to solve a problem voiced by worry that belonged to almost the entire Troop Formation”(78).

“Mean Joe had been born of a single-minded purpose, to protect the most vulterable Troop members. Miss Wonderful’s innocence put her at the top of his list, so their instant recognition of each other once their barriers had come down was only natural” (80).

“Then she saw his willingness to listen and, with no comprehension, to accept what she said as being valid to herself”(80).

“[On what scares her] Water and animals and high places. They aren’t just frightening; they strike terror in me. Most women are afraid of spiders or lightening or something dumb. Spiders won’t hurt you and neither will lightening if you’re careful. But those other things? Hey, run for your life, man’”(83).

Chapter 10

“Not just one thought thrashed in the woman’s mind, there were the thoughts of over 20 Troop members present just hen. The thoughts came and they multiplied, because for each Troop member Morgan didn’t call up a few fears, he called up many”(113).

“you won’t let them talk, the Outrider said. Everyone isn’t an Einstein and you can’t stand stupidity”(114).

“Couldn’t get through to her. She likes us to smile. We can’t always do that. When we stop smiling and try to unload, it makes her uncomfortable. And to me, the unloading sounds like complaining; I stop before I get started”(118).